十月的中国,天朗气清;金秋的北京,洋溢喜悦。在党的十九大即将胜利召开之际,我们在这里举行人民日报英文客户端上线仪式。首先,我代表人民日报社,对各位嘉宾、各位朋友莅临报社,共同见证这一美好时刻,表示热烈的欢迎和衷心的感谢! This season, the sky is clear and bright, and the city is full of joy. A few days ahead of the opening of the 19th CPC National Congress, we gather here to launch the Peoples Daily English App. First, on behalf of Peoples Daily, Id like to extend a warm welcome and sincere gratitude to all the distinguished guests and friends here to witness this great moment.
建设人民日报英文客户端,是人民日报加强外宣工作的战略举措,是报社事业发展的客观需要。我们正处在一个大发展大变革大调整的时代,世界各国空前深刻地互相影响,人类命运更加紧密地联系在一起。特别是近年来,世界格局和全球治理体系加速调整变革,和平发展合作共赢的时代潮流澎湃向前。 The launch of the English app is a strategic step of Peoples Daily to expand our global presence. It also responds to our needs. The world we live in today is undergoing major developments, major changes and major adjustments. Countries around the world are influencing each other in an unprecedented way. The destiny of mankind has become intertwined more closely than ever before. Especially in recent years, the worlds pattern and global governance system is adjusting and transforming at a faster pace, and the trend toward peace, development, and win-win cooperation has gained momentum.
伴随着时代前进的步伐,当代中国呈现生机勃勃的发展局面,展现不可阻挡的发展势头,正前所未有地走近世界舞台中心。中国的发展是世界发展的巨大机遇,也离不开世界各国的共同发展;发展起来的中国需要更好向世界展示自己,剧变中的世界渴望更好了解中国。介绍中国经验、阐述中国主张、提出中国方案、贡献中国智慧,已成国际社会期盼,实为中国发展必然。在这一进程中,媒体肩负着重要责任。 The world is witnessing the vitality and momentum of Chinas development. China has never been so close to the center of the world stage. Chinas development remains a huge opportunity for the world, and cannot be separated from the common aspiration of all countries to develop. A stronger China needs to present itself to the world. The changing world is eager to know more about China. The international community expects China to share its experience, expound on its propositions, propose solutions and contribute its wisdom, which is also an inevitable phase of its development. The media should shoulder important responsibilities in this process.
明者因时而变,知者随事而制。习近平总书记指示我们要"加强国际传播能力建设""讲好中国故事,传播好中国声音""联接中外,沟通世界"。近年来,人民日报认真贯彻落实习近平总书记重要指示精神和党中央决策部署,坚持统筹内宣外宣一体发展、传统媒体新兴媒体融合发展,努力用海外读者乐于接受的方式、易于理解的语言,讲好中国故事、传播好中国声音,在对外宣传和国际传播方面取得了显著成绩。 As a Chinese saying goes, a wise man changes as time and events do. President Xi Jinping has urged the media to tell the China story well, spread Chinas voice well, and connect China and the world. President Xi made it clear that China should enhance its international communication capacity and have a bigger say in international affairs. In recent years, the Peoples Daily developed a coordinated strategy, catering to the needs of both Chinese and international readers and users. We proposed our media convergence initiatives and implemented them. We try to tell the stories in ways acceptable and understood by the international audience. In all, we try to achieve what President Xi urged, telling the China story well and spreading Chinas voice well through the development of international communication. By following President Xis instructions and the CPC Central Committees decisions, the Peoples Daily has made remarkable progress in expanding its global influence and presence.
但我们也清醒地认识到,同中国加速融入世界的进程相比,同世界迫切希望了解中国的需要相比,我们做得还不够,中国在世界上的形象很大程度上仍是"他塑"而非"自塑",在国际上还存在着信息流进流出的"逆差"。建设人民日报英文客户端,就是我们适应新的形势和任务,进一步做好对外宣传和国际传播的战略选择。 We are fully aware that Chinas international image is largely created by big international media organizations rather than our media colleagues in China, and a deficit in the reciprocal information flow exists. There is still much we can do to keep pace with Chinas rapid global integration and satisfy the increasing demand for everything China-related. To develop an English app is a strategic move to adapt to new situations and further enhance our global influence and presence.
建设人民日报英文客户端,我们具有充分信心,也具备良好条件。这个条件就是:人民日报融合发展不断推进、走在前列,我们的中央厨房设施一流、机制先进;人民日报客户端已经开办3年,累计下载量超过2亿,保持了良好运行,积累了丰富经验。 We have confidence and favorable conditions to develop this English app, as the Peoples Daily is at the forefront of media convergence among Chinese media organizations. We have established the Media Hub, a news producing platform, which features first-class facilities and an advanced mechanism. Our Chinese app, launched three years ago, has seen more than 200 million downloads, and we have gained valuable experience from it.
我们的思路和目标是:坚持高起点高标准,坚持扬优势聚合力,着力把人民日报英文客户端打造成为导向正确、内容优质、技术先进、功能强大、有利于吸引和凝聚英文用户的移动互联网外宣平台。为此,我们将在以下方面作出努力: We will maintain high standards, capitalize on our advantages, and harness resources, all to make this English app a platform which attracts English-language users through quality content, advanced technology and powerful functions. To achieve this goal, we will attempt to do the following aspects:
一是发挥党媒优势,提供权威优质内容。人民日报是中共中央机关报,权威性和公信力是其显著特征和突出优势,这在信息爆炸、众声喧哗的当下是稀缺资源。 First, we will capitalize on the advantages as the official media of the CPC and offer authoritative and quality content. The Peoples Daily is the official newspaper of the CPC Central Committee. Its authority and credibility is needed by a growing public demand in the information-driven world.
我们将坚持党媒定位,围绕解读中国党和政府的方针政策和反映中国社会的发展变化,及时准确发布权威信息,努力向世界呈现一个更加真实客观的中国。 We will provide timely and authoritative information, interpreting the policies of the Party and government, as well as provide a window into a dynamic Chinese society, in a bid to more accurately and objectively present China to the world.
二是发挥体系优势,提供多样资讯产品。人民日报早已由一张报纸发展成为一个大型媒体集团,拥有多家社属报刊和新闻网站,以及大量微信微博公号。 Second, we will capitalize on the advantages of our news group to offer diversified news platforms. The Peoples Daily has blossomed from a print-only newspaper to a major news group with several affiliated publications, news sites and Weibo and WeChat accounts.
我们将坚持协同联动,聚合"人民系"的强大内容采集力量,全面报道中国的政治经济文化社会,深入介绍中国的现实状况和历史演变,不断丰富资讯产品的种类和形态,努力让世界感受一个更加立体生动的中国。 We will integrate the resources of different outlets inside our group and develop a well-coordinated and inter-connected approach. We will comprehensively cover China’s politics, economy, culture and society, and introduce the nations conditions as well as its past. We will increase the diversity and choice of our news platforms, and do our best to present a vibrant and multidimensional China to the world.
三是发挥技术优势,提供优良用户体验。人民日报不仅拥有优秀的新闻队伍,而且拥有先进的媒体技术,许多前来我们今天所在的这座新媒体大厦参观的国内外朋友都表示赞叹。我们将坚持技术引领,持续加大投入,积极拥抱先进技术,并把它们与人才优势有机结合起来,全力支持英文客户端做大做强,努力为广大用户提供快捷便利、舒适放心的阅读体验。 Third, we will capitalize on our advantages in technology to provide excellent user experience. The Peoples Daily not only boasts of an excellent team of journalists, but also cutting-edge media technologies. This New Media Building has impressed visitors. The Peoples Daily will continue to invest in the latest technologies and maintain a strong team to support and create a powerful and trustworthy English app and provide a convenient, comfortable and relaxing experience for our users.
四是发挥"磁力"优势,提供宽广合作平台。人民日报在全球具有很高知名度和较强影响力,朋友遍及天下——今年9月19日在甘肃敦煌举办的第四届"一带一路"媒体合作论坛,就有来自126个国家和国际组织的265家媒体负责人参加。我们将坚持互利共赢,开阔眼界胸襟,积极吸引各种资源,不断扩大英文客户端实际功能,努力给广大用户提供加强沟通、开展合作的开放平台。 Last but not least, we will capitalize on our advantages in social connections to establish a platform of cooperation. The Peoples Daily, as the most important media outlet in China, is also an institution that attracts worldwide attention. Our global partners and friends are from all over the world. Representatives of 265 media organizations from 126 countries and international organizations participated in our 2017 Media Cooperation Forum on the Belt and Road on September 19 in Dunhuang, Chinas Gansu Province this year. With an open mind and broad horizon, we will utilize more resources from all our partners based on win-win cooperation. We will optimize the functions of the English app to build an open exchange platform for our users.
再过3天,举世瞩目的中共十九大就要在北京召开。人民日报英文客户端的上线可谓恰逢其时,它的发展必定前景可期。我们将以此为契机,迅速投入十九大的宣传报道,向世界传递中国共产党的最新声音、中国未来发展的最新蓝图;我们将以它为载体,更好报道中国社会的最新变化和中国人民的最新面貌,让世界听到并听清更多更好的中国故事和中国声音!从今天开始,让我们打开人民日报英文客户端,把这端和那端联接起来,大声喊出"中国在这里!",大声喊出"你好,世界!" The 19th CPC National Congress will open in Beijing three days from now to worldwide attention. This is a timely opportunity to launch our English app. This app has bright prospects. We will take this opportunity to provide timely coverage on the Congress, the latest insights of the CPC to the world and the new blueprint of Chinas development. We will maximize this platform to make a record of the latest changes and trends in Chinese society, offering to the world a clearer voice of China. Let us welcome the Peoples Dailys English app and connect China and the world. Lets say "hello" to the world!

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